Lakepointe Urgent Care offers a full range of medical clinic services, including complete Family Practice and Urgent Care:

* Cough, colds, flu and strep throat
* Sinus and allergy problems
* Cuts, strains, and sprains
* Initial fracture diagnosis
* General physical exams
* School, camp, and sports physicals
* Flu shots
* Vaccinations and immunizations
* Throat cultures
* Rash and skin problems
* Back, chest and abdominal pain
* Blood pressure checks and management
* Cholesterol tests and management
* EKGs
* Colon cancer screening
* Prostate cancer screening (PSA)
* HIV Screening
* Diabetes tests and management
* Pediatrics
* Women's health screenings
* Pelvic exams
* Pap smears
* Sexually transmitted diseases
* Pregnancy testing
* Men's health care
* Mole and wart removal
* Minor foot care
* Sports injuries
* X-Rays
* Minor emergencies
* Accidental injuries
* Scrapes and lacerations
* Strains and sprains
* Eye injuries
* Foreign body removals
* Burns
* Contusions
* Chemical exposure

Don't have insurance?

Have a high out-of-pocket deductible? Don't worry. Everyone is welcome at Lakepointe Urgent Care, regardless of what kind of insurance coverage they have. We don't process insurance claims, choosing instead to pass the savings on to our patients.

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Lakepointe Urgent Care
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Phone 972-315-8588